FANDOM is an online tile-based territory capturing browser game developed by Matěj Strnad. The goal is to reach 500 claimed tiles in a hexagon based map, while defending your Capital from other players at all costs. The game seems to take on a similar name as well as gameplay as, another browser based game that is praised for it's simplicity as well as being easy to get into as a game of trying to expand beyond anyone else while not being killed by other players.


In you start off with one hexagon tile called your Capital, if your capital is lost, you will respawn again, just like you did when you first joined the game. When you first start the game, you will most likely be surrounded by white tiles known as Unclaimed Tiles. These white tiles will not try to fight back when you try to claim them unlike Claimed Tiles, which are owned by others players who will most likely try to defend them if you try to take them. There are also other tiles known as Unique Tiles, which will take longer to claim or help you claim much more land then your normally would have if it were a Normal Tile. You will most likely have to go to war with someone in order to obtain enough tiles to win the game (500), war involves claiming each others tiles until you are able to claim their capital and they are defeated, which will most likely involve the use of Towers. But you may also make a Peace Treaty, which will permanently disable capturing each others tiles for the rest of the current game. There are several Skins that you may be randomly given when you start the game that revolve around many different colors and patterns, dying and respawning will give you a new skin. You can choose a name before you start the game, that name will not reset when you die or start a new game, and you can not change it until you die or start a new game.

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Hexagor-io in-game.